We are starting the series production in January. With the first batch, we're building 14 guitars until September/October. The base price is 2.400€ (excl. case & shipping). A lot is possible, find some options via the link below. Use our contact formula to start the order process.

Neo Vintage

“Kodex” combines the aesthetics of vintage guitars with modern specifications: 

Expect a relatively thin neck (flat D) with 24 frets and a thin symmetrical body (34mm). The first batches will have a 24.75” scale length. 

The non-typical neck/body connection is well known from vintage “Travis Bean” guitars but also from modern brands. We are using this construction because of one simple reason: It is the best solution for having not a single fret inside the body.


Our goal is to build a guitar that is as sustainable as possible. In standard, we will only use local - German - woods like ash, cherry, or pear. We also try to source only hardware from local - continental European - suppliers. If not available, we spend a lot of time and effort in developing our own hardware for a local production. With a local production, we can shorten supply chains and we are able to support small local businesses. For example, we are using the very high-quality products of “Schertler” from Switzerland or “Kloppmann Electrics” from Germany. We are also experimenting with different (more) ecological finishes.
We strongly believe in sustainability but we don’t want to be dogmatic. If you really want a classical nitro finish or a specific bridge, you're welcome to write us your ideas! 


We are producing “Kodex” in batches, it is a series guitar. But there are several possibilities within the production process to customize it for you. You will be able to choose different wood combinations, finishes, hardware & control options. 

In standard, we will offer a custom pickup set specifically developed for „Kodex“ from „Kloppmann Electrics“, but you are free to choose any of their pickups from their product catalog to be installed in your guitar. In the end, only the tuning machines are fixed.

Prices & Availability

The final prices are not fixed yet, we are waiting for some last parameters. But there will be a standard configuration with a price of around 2.300€ - 2.500€.


We are now planning the first batch of 15 instruments. We will be able to ship the first guitars in Q1 2022. There will be a preorder phase when we have got final prices but definitely in November.

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